De Nuit is a project of yearly produced collaborative zines. Exploring themes through loved characters, into illustrations, comics, writings and designs.2023 project is now done, but a leftover shop will be open in a few weeks!
De Nuit will host two projects in 2024. The first project applications are now closed.
See you on Insta and Twitter for updates.
Created by Noc.

Agenda 2023

Japan ExpoJuly 11th-14thParc des ExpositionsVillepinte
Paris City PopJune 22nd/23rdMairie du 13èmeParis
Puzzle FestivalMarch 16/17thLittle Atlantique BreweryNantes
Launching showFebruary 11thLe Gamin à Dix DoigtsParis


De Nuit gathers all kind of artists and is always open to new applicants. Current project is fully staffed and in production.


GENERALWhat is De Nuit?- De Nuit is a project of fanzine publishing, gathering artists from different backgrounds. The idea is to produce artistic contents with the emulation of working with others, but the pleasure of drawing for yourself. The zines are focused (for now) exclusively on fanarts!Who is behind De Nuit?- De Nuit is created and handled by Noc!How often are zines organized?- Since I’m alone to handle De Nuit, I’m planning to go with one per year for the moment.Is it possible to apply as an artist on the zines?- Absolutely! Applications open roughly 2 months before the start of the drawing phase.Which kind of artists can apply?- Currently, the artists welcomed are illustrators, comic artists and writers. I’m planning to integrate very soon photographers, 3D artists, craftpersons and even more! If you are interested but are unsure about what you do being admissible, feel free to ask here!Is there any other requirements for artists applying?- Yes! I would prefer you to be at least 16. Also, an access to a PayPal or bank account so I can send you your share of the benefits! You must also be okay with me having your personal address so I can ship you your zine, and email address so I can easily contact you. Also, the zine organization is happening on Discord, so having it is a must.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————APPLICATIONHow can I apply for the next zine issue?- Applications are announced on both the Insta and Twitter accounts. It’s just a form you need to fill with the required infos. The application period last for a month!Do the characters I want to draw need to come from a well known franchise?- Absolutely not! It’s the occasion for people to discover it.Are the applications evaluated once the deadline is closed or are people accepted as they are reviewed?- All the applications are reviewed after the closing of them only!Do I need to have a portfolio to apply?- No! I just need to have a good overview of your style. So any site that showcases your art would do! Social medias are totally acceptable as long I don’t have to go through a lot of non related art posts to get to your work.How many people are picked following the applications?- I can’t give a proper answer since it might varies, but during the first two issues we were almost 40.Do I need to have fanarts on my site/portfolio?- No! I will only chose people based on their work, not what their work is about.Is it important to have an art consistency in my site/portfolio?- Not really! Just show me what you want to do for the zine. Link what you would be comfortable doing for it!What are you looking for in someone’s portfolio to consider them?- Nothing in particular! Sorry, can’t really help here. It’s totally subjective as I will pick artists whose art touches me the most. There is no real criteria.Is it possible to update my application afterward?- No! Read the form very well, think about it, and only send it when you feel it’s ready.Can I apply even if I’m not a professional artist?- Please do! If you want to try your chance, feel free.Can I apply to make merch only?- Of course! You can add finished merch products to your portfolio if you want to, I would love to see that!How many art pieces do I need to have in my portfolio?- Enough for me to have a good overview of your work. It’s up to you!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————ARTAre backgrounds required for page artists?- The illustration you will draw just need to be self-sufficient. No backgrounds are required if your drawing works well without it!Are black and white works allowed too?- Of course! Do what you enjoy doing! Unless there is a special color constraint.Is it okay if our entry illustrate an important plot point that might be a spoiler for people?- I will add all the TW needed for the artists pieces, so if that is necessary for you to illustrate what you want to say, go ahead!Are AU allowed as long as the character is recognizable?- Abolsutely!! I even encourage you to explore your own headcanons for the characters you pick. Might be in terms of gender, ethnicities, religion etc but also just plot related! Like their evolution, relationship to others etc. I enjoy seeing the point of view of artists on characters arcs!Is traditional art allowed?- Yes! As long as I have a good quality picture or scan of it.More questions to ask? Feel free to send an email


Tiny and Angry

Tiny and Angry is a project that was put together in 2021. Centering around the shonen trope of small but ferocious characters, it gathered 38 artists. It was the very first De Nuit zine produced and a beautiful journey.
The finale product is a 84 pages book of illustrations and comics, and come along a lot of merch the artists put dedication into designing. A sequel is already planned.
The Artists:| Alan Cortes | Alexandre Akkus | Anaïs Flogny Antoine Dahan | Astrobear | Beesgeee | Bisou Cool Bootlegwhale | Ciro | Dame Sandwich
Diansakhu Banton-Perry | Dunatdan | Enorae
Future Celeste | Gaëlle Geniller | Hortie | Itho
Jeanne Hammel | Judgedarts | Kalechips
Léa Rey-Mauzaize | Lito | Loan Navet | Lou.izee
Manon Cansell | Mohamed B | M.TV | Noc | Nono
Ouhie | Roulette | Sophie Leullier | Stehpone
Suziraptor | TofunydrawsVelluvette | Wereville |


Alive and Well

Alive and Well is a project that was put together in 2022. Centering around sudden and painful death of loved characters, it gathered 39 artists. It’s De Nuit second zine and a sequel is planned already.
The finale product is a 124 pages book of illustrations, comics and poems, and come along a lot of merch the artists put dedication into designing.
The Artists:Alexandre Akkus | Anaïs Flogny | Ava Pom
Bleuenn Strekenprives | Bisou Cool | Boxerbun
Chris Kim | Ciro | Colin Atthar
Diansakhu Banton-Perry | Enorae
Falling Fading Lost | Gaëlle Geniller | Guin Small
Hunted Hunter | Ivqks159 | Khazalkah | Lamunes
Léa Rey-Mauzaize | Loan Navet | Lou.izee
Manon Cansell | Namagical | Noc | Nsee | Nukedav
Olioli | Pa-Luis | Pal | Ren | Roll
Sailor Jelly | Sheep | Ssaemii | Suziraptor
Tim Fischer | Triple Axl | Velluvette | Vir Prieto
With the collaboration of Lucky Pocket Press.

Alive and Well playlist: click!


Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon is 2023 project and De Nuit third zine. It focused on characters sharing a deep rivalry relationship, being friends or enemies and gathers 61 artists.The Artists:Alan Cortes | Amy Matsushita-Beal | Anaïs Flogny
Ava Pom | Boxerbun | Cami| Cavadell | Cosli | Emy
Enorae | Fissionchips | Gachahugs | Hortense Mariano
Inimeitiel | Irene_lasthope | Ivq | Jeanne Hammel
Jokerita | Jona | Kalechips | Khazal | Kinigoni
LaumeB | Leario | Louise | Louise aux Cimes
Marcel O’Leary | Margaux Cazal | Marimo | Meatpan
Michelle | Mintaii | Momo | Mye Bi | Naruysae
Noc | Noctambuleur | Nono | Nukedav | NUQELEAR
Olioli | Pa-Luis | Poxei | Ray | Ren | Roll
Roo | Rose | Saemi| Sophie Leullier | Soy
Surikane | Suziraptor | Tip | Triple Axl | Tulli
Velluvette | Yens | Zhu | Zoé B. Simpson


Tied and Bound

Tied and Bound is one of the two 2024 projects and De Nuit fourth zine. Applications are now open until the end of the month!
It will focus on characters bonds and ties, in a mature content setting.
Applications now closed.